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AUF MBZ Consortium name was derived from the famous companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Saidina Abdul Rahman Ibn Auf. Inspired from His generosity, success and wealth. AUF MBZ Consortium, formerly well known as Financial Genius Group (FGG) was established some 20 years ago by Dato' Sri Mahadi Badrul Zaman. The main focus back then was to give opportunities to those who seek to improve their self and ultimately to lead a better life, along the way the focus has shifted into adding values in other peoples life. Dato' Sri Mahadi strongly believe that when you genuinely truly want to help others, you will attract all the good things in life that you desire so much naturally and effortlessly. As of today, AUF MBZ Consortium have over 1,500 registered legitimate Financial Advisors coming from a variety of different backgrounds, and have won countless awards and recognitions along the way.

vision & mission

It is our vision that everyone deserve and should have at least one income protection to ensure peace of mind in any misfortunate events. For that to happen, it has been our mission as part of our social responsibility as Financial Advisors to provide a satisfactory financial solutions and services to our clients. We are committed to conduct privilege events such as Private Wealth, Dare to Transform, Chase Your Dream and Grow Your Wealth that serve as a platform for our Financial Advisors to approach and care for our clients across the nation.

Dato' Sri Mahadi BZ

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Famously known for his long beard and unique cars collection, Dato Sri Mahadi BZ has placed himself as a yellow frog among the green ones. Not only he is now a successful self-made multi-millionaire, He has also inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to change their life from ordinary to extraordinary. His achievements have been recognised many times at world stage. This has put not only himself, but also AUF MBZ Consortium as one of outstanding and most we desirable agency to be with. AUF MBZ Consortium was established 10 years back which main purpose is to give opportunities to those who wanted to be a better version of themselves, out from their comfort zone.


At almost 2,000 registered and active Global Islamic Wealth Advisors, our big family come from various background. Some are working professionals, fresh graduates, housewives who wanted to contribute to family income and also OKU who strives for living. Here at AUF MBZ, everyone is trained with 7 Ways of Selling, Mental Warrior Knowledge and continuous motivational events to ensure they are well equipped to face any challenge that may come. With DSMBZ guidance and leadership, everyone can achieve their dream as long as they are committed to it.